Biographical Information and My Resume

Technical Biography

I became interested in small computers in 1982, back in the days when the Apple II was about the hottest thing on the market. At the time I was working as a florist, spending a lot of time thinking about what I was going to do with the rest of my life and writing a mystery novel with pen and paper. At my first glimpse of a computer running word processing software I was amazed. Immediately I wanted to buy a PC of some kind. But I had little extra money.

[biting nails at the PC]Then in the summer of 1983 Commodore dropped the price of the C64 to 195.00. My old friend John Schettler had bought one and he called me, urging me to go and buy one as soon as I could. I ran out to K-Mart and picked one up. My wife thought I was a lunatic, and when I got home and discovered that I had no software and no way to store or load any programs that I typed out in BASIC, I thought I was crazy as well. I alleviated that problem the next day after I purchased a tape cassette drive. Then I bought a word processor called Word Pro Plus (not the Lotus product) and was in heaven. I finished the mystery novel, realized how bad it was and printed it out anyway on a noisy dot matrix printer that had no true descenders. Then I spent the next year or so learning about computers, bits, bytes and things of a digital nature.

By 1985 I was serious enough that I wanted to pursue some kind of living using PC technology. I had no degree in Computer Science; I had been an English major. But I had "learned how to learn" so to speak. An old friend of mine had started a business selling professional audio equipment, so I talked him into hiring me as his office manager. We bought an IBM-PC and a cheap accounting system. Within a couple of months I had automated the business.

In late summer of 1986 our biggest competitor went out of business, and our company turned into a 30-employee company overnight. I was given the job of networking the new business and installed NetWare 2.11. (Those of you who have run NETGEN can appreciate how far networking has progressed in the last twenty years.) I installed and managed a serious multi-user accounting system, performed all user support, all the computer maintenance, all the software application integration, as well as handling the purchasing for the entire company.

[PC mailbox]

When Windows 3.0 hit the shelves in 1990 I bought a copy the first day of its release and managed to get it to run with Netware. I continued managing that LAN and learning about networking, acquired my CNE certification in 1993, and worked for that company until 1994, when I was suddenly laid off after a slump in the audio industry. (Each of us has a story like that. I won't relate mine here.)

In September of 1994 I began working for a Microsoft Solution Provider as a senior network specialist. I acquired my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification (MCSE) in 1996. I spent a number of years working as a consultant for several MS solution providers here in the Bay area and in 2003 moved on to a permanent position as a messaging engineer for Advent Software, Inc., a wonderful company and the best place I have ever worked.

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Educational Biography

[mighty pen] I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from St. Mary's College in Moraga in 1975, where I had the great good fortune to study with Robert Hass.  I studied with some other enthusiastic teachers as well, and spent all four undergraduate years working at KSMC, the campus radio station. After graduating I spent a summer working at a bookstore in Ventura, California and did a stint at radio station KOVA in Ojai. (KOVA is no longer with us, I think.)

In 1976 I spent a semester at the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University where I studied with Stan Rice (husband of novelist Anne Rice) and Mark Lilenthal. After the end of that lone semester I had to make a decision as to whether I wanted an M.A. or whether I wanted to starve. That's when I became a florist, before my current involvement in computer technology.

Since that time I have continued writing poems and essays. I married my wife Candace in 1980 and we have two daughters named Ariana and Briony. You can find information about my family on my Family Page.

All my life I have also had a strong interest in all forms of music, especially classical music, although recently I have been listening to lots of Jazz. I spend time working with the Sierra Chamber Society in an attempt to keep people engaged with chamber music.

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