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Thanks to Briony for the "Dancing Dad" image.

I have been taking photographs since I was about ten years old. My father was a passionate photographer and infected me (as well as my brother) with his enthusiasm.

There were always cameras around the house as my father was a classic horse trader and always made his living buying and selling the things that he wanted to play with, mostly cars and cameras. So I had the opportunity to take pictures now and then with the sort of gear that most kids could only dream about. My father also had a darkroom and I learned the process of making black and white prints and developing color slides from him.

My first real camera was a Kodak Retina IIa, given to me as a Christmas present by my dad when I was in high school. I still have that camera and used it for years. In 1981 I bought my first Nikon (an FM, and then later I added an FE so I could shoot in aperture priority mode) and put together my own kit and began shooting seriously. I tried everything in those days, black and white, color transparencies, color negatives, Cibachrome, and infrared. When my eldest daughter was born in 1985 all my darkroom gear got packed away and I shot nothing but color prints (developed in labs). It was snapshot city for 20 years.

In 2006 my brother lent me his Nikon D100 and I regained my passion for photography. (And even though both my daughters are grown up the darkroom gear remains packed; I just don't need it with digital!) I added a Nikon D200 body to my bag in September 2006 and have been learning about photography all over again. What a camera! It's simply the finest instrument for picture taking I have ever used.


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Currently Posted Galleries

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur February 2009 Pfeiffer Beach is a dramatic stretch of beach just a few miles south of Julia Pfeiffer State Park on Highway 1. Easy to miss, but worth finding.
Evening and Nightfall at Cannery Row, Monterey, February 2009 An evening walk before and after dinner at Cannery Row in Monterey as the light faded into nightfall. A somewhat touristy place these days, but on a cool night in February it still has a lot of charm.
Point Molate, Richmond, CA. January 2009 Formerly the location of the Point Molate Naval Fuel Depot (and previously, Winehaven) this peninsula is now owned by the city of Richmond. Development is a possibility in this location, and the worst kind, yet another Indian Casino. How they will accommodate the traffic I'll never know. An asinine idea.
Martinez Marina, Martinez, CA, January 2009 A bright and cold January day. Gulls, herons, boats and assorted images from a quiet harbor on the Carquinez Strait.
The Monterey Coast November 22 & 23, 2008 I spent a weekend with my two amigos, John and Tony, where there was changing weather on the Monterey Coastline.
The Golden Gate in October Light, Marin Headlands, October 2008 Two Saturdays, one filled with fog, the other with light, at one of the most beautiful spots in the world.
Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel CA. August 2008 "The greatest meeting of land and water in the world", on an overcast day in late August. If you have never been there.....go.
The USS Hornet, the Oakland Estuary and Alameda, August  2008 The former Alameda Naval Air Station is being transitioned to non-military use. There you will find the USS Hornet, the aircraft carrier that picked up the Apollo 13 astronauts in 1969.
Sea Ranch Gallery, Gualala, CA. June 2008 My yearly trip to Sea Ranch resulted in many images of the Mendocino Coast. I count myself fortunate to live near this amazing edge of land and sea.
Fort Ross State Park on Highway 1, June 2008 This old fort marks the limit of Russia's expansion into the New World in the 19th century.
Ferrari Challenge at Infineon Raceway May 3 2008  My brother and I attended this gentlemen's racing series as spectators. Lot's red cars and lots of noise. It's a yearly event. Check it out at

San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers Rehearsals, Marin County, April 2008

The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers really know how to make a room rock. A great bunch of folks. It was a pleasure doing these photos for them.
Volunteer Park
Seattle WA April 2008
Designed by the Olmsted Brothers this out of the way park consists of a reservoir and water tower (the second highest view of the city), a conservatory and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.
Olympic Sculpture Park and Seattle Center
Seattle WA April 2008
A retro/modern trip through Olympic Sculpture Park, built in a reclaimed industrial neighborhood and the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project.
Ashland and Portland, OR
April 2008
Whirlwind drive to the Pacific Northwest in April where the sun shone brightly! No rain! I could hardly believe it.
Spring Equinox on the Carquinez Strait, Martinez, Port Costa and Crockett March 21, 2008 I jumped in my car and explored my own backyard in Contra Costa County. Birds, refineries, rust, fences and bridges along the Carquinez Strait. What a gorgeous day it was. Spring!
Advent Software FP&A 2008 Kickoff Some of the great people I work with.
Kim's Halfway Point Tucson AZ
January 2008
A great party for a great woman. Yay!!!
Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson AZ January 2008 A trip to Tucson in January allowed me to return to this sizeable museum of retired aircraft. I find aircraft fascinating, though these images remind me so much of how we averted disaster in the Cold War, and how we still have far to go before we live in a peaceful world.. 
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson AZ January 2008 Deserts are often thought to be forsaken places, but in fact they are as filled with as much life, light and color as any other climate. The Desert Museum is a must see when visiting Tucson.
Street Shots, Tubac AZ January 2008 This town of less than one thousand in habitants was the original Spanish garrison in Arizona. Located about 30 miles south of Tucson it is now home to a thriving artist colony.
Advent Software
2008 Kickoff
January 2008
Here's to another 25 years!
Saying Goodbye to Kevin January 2008 A celebration of a life. We will never forget him.
Sea Ranch Fall Light, Gualala, CA November 10-12, 2007 Candace and I took a brief weekend trip back up to Sea Ranch in November. As usual it was a fantastic trip. The light was brisk, the sea was cold and the weather was dramatic. (Scroll down for the Sea Ranch galleries in Summer of 2007.)
Mountain View Cemetery September and October, 2007 Galleries One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine Ten, Eleven (detailed information on this project will be posted soon.)
UC Davis Photo Walk, October 2007 My daughter, Briony, is an undergraduate at the University of California at Davis. These photos are from a short walk on campus on an autumn Sunday.
Rose Hill Cemetery, Black Diamond Mines, Contra Costa County, CA. October 7, 2007 The families of the coal mining communities of Somersville and Nortonville were laid to rest in this cemetery in the 19th century. Abandoned after the towns were deserted it was almost lost through vandalism, but thankfully it is now protected by the East Bay Regional Park system and is in the midst of restoration.
Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, Contra Costa County, CA October  7, 2007 This was the location of several very active coal mines in the 19th century which were the main source of coal for northern California. A number of towns were active here and the place retains a sense of history. Very quiet vistas of the Carquinez Strait.
The Lost Coast: Foggy Day at the Usal River August 1, 2007 A dreary and foggy day accentuates the loneliness and distance of the southern entrance to the Lost Coast. I'd tell you where it is, but I have been sworn to secrecy. And the road is unmarked.
Union Landing State Beach, July 2007 Located 18 miles north of Fort Bragg, this beach is just south of the Lost Coast, out of the way and very quiet. We stayed here at the Howard Creek Inn, a ranch that dates from the mid-19th century, when this area was heavily logged.
Schooner Gulch Beach State Park, July 2007 This is a quiet little beach that's easy to miss, Just a few miles south of Point Arena. The waves roll in slowly and you can see them stretching out on both sides of a high bluff.
Evergreen Cemetery, Manchester, CA July 2007 I have been photographing this quiet corner on Highway One for 25 years, on and off. It's a continual inspiration to my eyes, and reminds me of my own mortality. Last year's gallery is located here, and I'll have a collection of older photos up here at some point in the near future.
Sea Ranch Gallery Four, July 19, 2007 A morning communing with the shapes at Pareidolia Point (my name, you won't find it on a map) where we meet the Troll Sphinx. Later in the evening the sunset from the bluff trail.
Sea Ranch Gallery Three, July 18, 2007 In this batch there are a few High Dynamic Range (HDR) experiments (also in days 1 and 2, truth be told). Two walks: the first as the fog lifted in the morning and the second as the light illuminated the early afternoon on the Pacific coast shoreline.
Sea Ranch Gallery Two, July 17, 2007 A photo walk while the fog drifted into the shore. The coast weather can change within a few minutes. Watching the weather and the evolving light is the whole challenge and point of landscape photography. And the reward!
Sea Ranch Gallery One, July 16, 2007 Six full days of vacation in Sea Ranch resulted in many images of the Mendocino Coast. On day one there was sunlight, fog and changing weather.
Yerba Buena Center Gardens, San Francisco, June 2007 In many ways this is the heart of downtown San Francisco. The Gardens are located about two blocks from my office, so I took three lunches in a row to catch some of the bright summer light.
Shell Ridge, Morning and Evening, May 2007 Another local open space that I have photographed for many years. Shell Ridge has a variety of moods. This is the first gallery of landscapes with the Tokina 12-24 ATX wide angle zoom that I recently added to my camera bag.
San Francisco Light, Fall and Spring 2006-2007 A collection of pictures over the last ten months or so. I am fortunate to work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. These are things I see everyday on my way to and from work.
Lafayette Reservoir, Lafayette, CA. May 2007 Some shots after an early morning storm. The reservoir is a popular place for hikers and fishermen. Built in the 1920's it has a rather odd tower located near the dam base.
Sonoma County Weather April 2007 My brother Paul and I got together and did some shooting at the Sonoma County State Beach in Jenner, and Sugarloaf State Park in Kenwood. On the way back home I did some roadside photography in the Sonoma wine country.
Asilomar State Beach, April 2007 An overcast day exposes the lush colors of the dunes and rocks at this short stretch of beach located in Pacific Grove, CA. Asilomar is Spanish for "refuge by the sea."
Carmel River Beach State Park, April, 2007 Morning and evening light, spectacular coast, and a crystal lagoon. This beach is nestled between Carmel and Point Lobos and is easy to miss. The bend  of the shore is worth a stop and a walk.
Garland Ranch Regional Park, Carmel, CA. April, 2007 I found this easy to miss park by accident while driving out Carmel Valley Road inland from the ocean. I need to go back and do some exploring of the ridge trail.
Sunol Regional Park, Livermore CA. March 2007 Spring is a great time to visit Sunol. Alameda Creek is flowing in the valley of the Little Yosemite, the poppies are out, the hills are intense green and the oaks have leafed out.
The Crosses of Lafayette, March 2007 A powerful and spontaneous memorial to those who have lost their lives in Iraq. I post these photos with respect. For further information here is the official site.
Bacon Way Open Space, Lafayette, CA. March 2007 This part of Acalanes Ridge extends south. A path drops you to a point where you can see the junction of Highway 24, I680 and BART while standing next to oaks, poppies and old ranch land.
Acalanes Ridge, Walnut Creek, CA. February and March 2007 This area has become my basic landscape laboratory. This is a gallery of shots at sunrise, mid-morning and afternoon, capturing the transitory deep greens of the Bay Area spring.
Chasing Light At the Channel Islands, Ventura Ojai and Oxnard, CA January 2007 A three day weekend to see some old friends. In all the years I have traveled to this part of the California coast I have never seen such clear and precise light.
Acalanes Ridge, Walnut Creek, CA. January 2007 Views of Mt. Diablo from the Acalanes Ridge Open Space. A 10 minute walk from my home.
The Last of Fall Light A collection of photographs taken during the holidays through  November and  December 2006
Cataract Falls, Marin County CA, December 2006 Waterfalls in a steep, wooded canyon on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais in the Marin Water District
John Muir House, Martinez, CA, December 2006 John Muir made his home in the Bay Area from 1890 to 1914 and his home is preserved as a National Historic Site. These photos were taken on a clear, cold December afternoon.
Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, CA December 2006 Rich and vibrant wetlands, wildlife and broad vistas of the San Francisco Bay. When you are there it's hard to remember you are close to the city.
Morgan Territory Regional Park, Livermore CA November 2006 Autumn light, dramatic clouds and skies on a dry day in one of the East Bay's most striking regional parks.
Evergreen Cemetery, Manchester CA, July 2006 Gravestones from the 19th Century, Northern California Coast
Advent Software Marathon Server Move 250 servers, 10 professionals. Consummate work. What a team!
Las Vegas Images of Las Vegas in early November
Gallery One Late afternoon near the Mandalay Bay and Luxor hotels. A night walk: Excalibur, New York, New York, MGM Grand, Tropicana
Gallery Two Daytime Walk at the Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Night views from the Eiffel Tower, The Bellagio Fountains
Gallery Three Golden light at the Mandalay Bay, The Luxor at Night, The Bellagio Fountains
Gallery Four The Luxor, Inside the Pyramid
Gallery Five Desert Light: A Walk up the Strip
Greyhound Picnic 2006 Pictures of the Golden State Greyhound Picnic on 9/24/06
Greyhound Photo Gallery Pictures of the Golden State Greyhound Play Day on 9/3/06
Landscape Photo Gallery Landscapes of Northern California.
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